agile 2011


Presented with my wife. Our 45 minutes of fame.
This was my last talk about Raconteur. It's quite polished.
However I did an awful job recording it. I was too far from the mic during the first 9 mins
These are my favorite slides among all.

codecamp 2011


First time I do the same talk with the same slides.
This one is better than the one at work. I even got a haircut.

ultimate 2011


My last lunch and learn. I did a few in a row and stopped.
In 2013 lunch & Learn sessions started to get company support.
Presenters get $100 bonus now and the company provides pizza.
I'm like $500 short in my bank account but I'll be back. Muuuuuuuuahhahahaha ....

ultimate 2009

|Fitnesse in |flow| mode|

This one was for my team only. I treat them to pizza meself.
It kicked up a lot of improvements in our testing approach.
Sadly it didn't spread over the company.
In 2012 the whole company started using an approach similar to the one developed by my team.
But we are still testing thru the UI.